The Perks of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is exactly what it seems to be. It’s a procedure that involves the extraction of immoderate breast skin, tissue, and fat. Although it seems straightforward, it’s one of the most popular breast procedures each year and comes with a very high rate of patient satisfaction. If you have very large breasts and are looking for a change, then here’s what to know about the benefits of breast reduction with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Better Comfort

Excessively large breasts can often lead to discomfort like serious back or shoulder pain. This is because of the large amount of weight placed on the chest and upper body while you navigate everyday tasks. Many women find immense relief with breast reduction as well as better posture and spinal wellbeing.

Better Physical Fitness

Big breasts can interfere with motion during exercise and can even cause discomfort, especially while running or jogging. They can sometimes make women more vulnerable to physical traumas from repetitive movements. With smaller breasts, some women have a much easier time exercising and getting in shape.

Better Physical Appearance

Although many women feel a societal pressure to have large breasts, a chest that’s too large can in some situations negatively impact the way you feel about your looks. If your chest is too big for the rest of your body, you may appear disproportionate. Remember, too, that a chest that’s too big can cause significant discomfort and therefore lead to slouching. Many women who undergo breast reduction enjoy improved posture which can positively affect the way people perceive you.

Better Confidence

If you feel self-conscious about the size of your breasts, it can be hard to feel confident in yourself. More proportional breasts can mean that your clothes fit better and you don’t experience negative attention for your breasts, boosting your self-confidence. For this reason, many women are extremely satisfied with their life after breast reduction.

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