Laser Hand Rejuvenation

Evansville, Henderson, Indiana

Your hands can age you more than wrinkles or gray hair.

People use non-invasive techniques to improve the look of their hands. Thanks to rejuvenation technologies, people can look more youthful and feel better about themselves. You use your hands all day long. Other people see them when you shake hands or they look at your jewelry. Getting younger looking hands will improve your overall appearance.

Hand rejuvenation is a two-step treatment

The first step is to inject soft tissue filler in your hands. This filler is placed so that it softens your hands and hides veins and tendons on the top of your hands. Just making your hands look soft and supple can take years off your appearance. Next, a laser treatment erases years of sun exposure that can age your skin. Intense Pulsed Light reduces brown spots with almost no recovery time. Neither one of these treatments are very painful, and they are performed in Dr. Zieg’s office. He uses a numbing cream before each treatment, so the pain is minimal. The filler treatment gives immediate results because it hides veins and tendons right away. After the laser treatment, dark spots will get darker in the first few days. Over the next two to three weeks, they will gradually get lighter and fade. Results of the filler last about a year, but the laser treatment is permanent.