Evansville, Henderson, Indiana

What is ThermiTight™?

ThermiTight™, a cosmetic procedure offered in Evansville, IN, eliminates and reverses the signs on aging. Using thermal energy, ThermiTight™ tightens and smooths skin. In one application ThermiTight can rid the skin of wrinkles in stubborn areas. Regions treatable by ThermiTight include the neck, face, and body areas; the thighs and lower stomach. The treatment is non-invasive and gives patients results without risks otherwise associated with intensive surgery. It is a great alternative, low-risk solution for the face, neck, tummy and thighs.

How Does ThermiTight work?

ThermiTight™ is generally a painless procedure. The treatment usually only lasts an hour, after which patients are free to resume normal activity. After your surgeon injects anesthetic solution into the area to be treated, they will place the tiny ThermiRF™ SmartTip™ thermistor probe under the skin. Through gentle movements and radiofrequency energy, the problem tissue heats to an optimum temperature. Wrinkles shrink and fade away from view. Results of the procedure are immediate and also improve over time.

What does ThermiTight Recovery Look Like?

After treatment, patients experience few side effects. Some may notice tenderness and swelling at the treatment sight, but these do not last long. 24 hours of downtime is enough for most patients to be ready for normal activity.

How Long Will a ThermiTight Treatment Last?

In one application, ThermiTight™ can create the results you desire. Skin will be tighter and smoother. You will enjoy a more youthful and fresher appearance. Patients may enjoy the effects of ThermiTight several years after their initial appointment.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are considering ThermiTight, calling Dr. Zieg’s office is the first step. We will schedule a consultation during a time that fits your needs.  During a consultation, you can pose specific questions, learn more about ThermiTight, and prepare for your individual treatment. Dr. Zieg can guide you to the smoother, tighter looking skin you desire.

Love him. He's honest and thorough and does great work. He calmed my nerves, explained everything, and did an amazing job!!

– Verified Patient

I had a Sciton BBL treatment on the sun damage on my face. I'd tried a few different creams, and nothing worked. I had one treatment done, and they were gone! So happy! They are truly amazing!

– Erin F.