Face Lift

Evansville, Henderson, Indiana

Who should have at Face Lift?

A facelift or rhytidectomy is an operation that is performed to rejuvenate the face as it ages. If your face and neck have begun to sag, but your skin still has some elasticity and your bone structure is strong and well defined, this procedure is a good choice for you.

What is involved in a Face Lift procedure?

Incisions are made in the hairline and around the ears. The skin and underlying tissue are pulled up, and excess skin is cut away from the appropriate areas. The procedure reduces the sagging and wrinkling of facial skin that results from aging.

What is the normal healing time after this procedure?

Some numbness of the skin is quite normal; it will disappear in a few weeks or months. Most patients are back at work about ten days to two weeks after surgery. However, it may take up to three months for final results.

What results can I expect from a Face Lift in Henderson KY?

A facelift in Henderson can make you look younger and fresher, and it may enhance your self-confidence in the process. But it can’t give you a totally different look, nor can it restore the health and vitality of your youth. You’ll have some scars from your facelift, but they’re usually hidden by your hair or in the natural creases of your face and ears. In any case, they’ll fade with time and should be scarcely visible. Your face will continue to age with time, but it will look more youthful than if you had not had the procedure. You may want to consider a repeat procedure five or ten years later to maintain your youthful appearance.